The Daily Fret~ Quest for Annus Mirabilis

The Daily Fret~ Quest for Annus Mirabilis
Starting 1 March, I shall be attempting the "Daily Fret"; a simple
attempt to look for poetry in the simple everyday. For seconds tick away before we realize a life has been lived. It must not go by uninspired, unnoticed.

This blog in this respect aspires to be a Dialogue, and not just a listening post; so freely comment and participate, its a resonant communique we all crave-You to I, and I to You.

Happy reading.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pieces of Dark.

My shadow moors me like an anchor,
Spins infinite circles-
Runs me aground.

Ticks the stories off the hurried seconds,
Becomes time itself-
Wrinkles my brow.

Sets the sun to race the horizon,
Drowns it in darkness-
Immures me in itself.

Retrieves a sallow moon from the night,
Dots the sky with stars-
Reminisces dawn.

Burdens me to sift through dreams,
Prowls on a tight leash-
Breaks into a sweat.

Tears future’s drape of ‘morrow,
Scrambles present in a bag-
Mixes it with past.

Silently awaits its ritual immolation,
Quivers against me imperceptibly-
Bleeds pieces of dark.

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